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Kid safety

Vera Water and Power electrical safety tips just for kids.

  1. Whatever you do, don’t overload your plugs or extension cords.
  2. Keep electrical cords out of the way. Avoid making cords a trip hazard.
  3. Never climb into a substation. If your toy, ball or pet are inside an electrical substation, have an adult call the power company to come and retrieve it for you.
  4. Never pull an electrical cord from the wall.
  5. Don’t fly your kite near power lines or substations.
  6. Have an adult help you when using electrical appliances.
  7. Look up and live. Whenever climbing a tree be sure there aren’t any power lines nearby.
  8. Have your parents install tamper resistant receptacles on outlets. Outlet covers are out now! Kids know just how to get those covers off! Besides, the national testing labs no longer approve.
  9. Help keep your parent safe. Remind them to look up and watch out for overhead power lines when they are using a ladder and working outside.
  10. Remember, electricity and water don’t mix.
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