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Insulation Blanket

Be sure outdoor water meters are covered with a proper water meter insulation blanket like the one shown by Vera Water and Power Operations Director Todd Henry.

Keep your water flowing all winter long

3 easy ways to prevent frozen water pipes this winter

As you roll out of bed on a frosty winter morning, you’re thinking about a steamy hot shower. But no!

There’s no hot water. In fact, there’s no water at all.

That’s because your water pipes are frozen.

Last year, we had a number of customers who had frozen water pipes for several weeks! Unfortunately, this caused frustration, inconvenience, and costly repairs.

You can prevent frozen pipes and all the associated troubles by taking preventive steps now and when the weather gets colder.

1. Install a water meter insulation blanket

Your water meter box is probably outside. Lift the lid. There should be a white foam blanket on top. If not, stop by the office, and we’ll give you one for free. Please don’t use home insulation. Those products soak up water, freeze, and defeat the purpose.

2. Keep you meter vault covered

Inspect your meter vault cover. If the cover is missing, broken or cracked, call us for assistance. We have replacements. You must keep your meter vault covered.

3. Run water

When we get an extended period of freezing temperatures, keep a pencil-sized stream of water moving to minimize the risk of frozen pipes.

As a Vera customer, you’re the owner of your service and all its related parts.

While we own the meter itself, you’re responsible for keeping it and your pipes from freezing. We want to help you prevent damage.

Learn about your responsibilities.

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