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Take a trip to PowerTown - Electrical Safety Demonstration

In many ways, PowerTown is like our town. Cars travel the roadways; people work in their yards; children fly kites. Everything runs smoothly.

However, life can get very dangerous when you consider that the residents of PowerTown are very careless around electricity.

What is PowerTown?

Created with safety in mind, PowerTown simulates the many ways people can be injured by being careless around electricity. Using a variety of different scenarios, the demonstration teaches children about the path of electricity and how to stay out of that path.

  • PowerTown is an electrical safety program for fourth graders; however, we can adjust the material for any age group including adults.
  • PowerTown uses a model to demonstrate real-life scenarios involving electricity and explain how to stay safe in these situations.
  • PowerTown is free and can be arranged to come to your classroom.
  • We will bring everything we need to engage the class in an active demonstration of electrical safety. All you need to provide is an electrical outlet.
  • PowerTown may be scheduled by contacting Catherine Cronin at Vera Water and Power at 509-227-6824.
  • The program typically lasts 30–45 minutes, depending on questions.

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