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As your neighborhood utility, we provide you some of the lowest prices for water and power in the country.

Our electric prices are half the cost of the national average.

When it comes to value, publicly-owned utilities provide some of the best prices for power, especially Vera Water and Power. Our price for electricity is 6.58¢ per kilowatt hour. The national average is 13.02¢, and the Washington state average is 9.72¢.

If you have a fully electric home and consume 1,200-kilowatt hours per month, your average monthly bill comparison would look like this:

Company Monthly Cost
Puget Sound Energy: $119
Kootenai Electric Cooperative: $114
Avista Utilities: $108
Inland Power and Light: $98
Vera Water and Power: $88

Our water prices are also very competitively priced.

Our base residential rate of $17 per month, means you will always receive the water you need for daily use at an affordable cost.

Annual water bill comparison: 37,500 cubic foot (one cubic foot of water = 7.48 gallons)
2017 water rates for the average residential household

Water Provider Annual Cost
City of Spokane: $480
Liberty Lake Sewer and Water: $293
Modern Electric Water Company: $281
Vera Water and Power: $246

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