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Stay Out of Substations

Don’t Go Poking Around Electrical Substations

On nice days, people enjoy the outdoors in a variety of ways. While some participate in a sport or go on walks, in today’s world, many others spend this time on handheld devices.

Whether you are enjoying fun in the sun or playing the latest game on your phone or tablet, Vera Water and Power advises everyone to be alert of their surroundings and to stay safely away from electrical equipment.

Buzzing with hundreds of thousands of volts of electricity, an electrical substation is not a place you want to end up.

Never go into a substation for any reason.

Never attempt to retrieve a ball or any toy from these areas. There is no game or piece of equipment important enough to enter a substation. No game is worth your life.

Many popular gaming apps on handheld devices make use of the GPS feature. Although these games may persuade you to go to places you have never been before, do not allow these games to impair your judgment.

Stay alert, and stay away from substations and other electrical equipment.

Vera encourages parents to talk to their children about the importance of keeping a safe distance from electrical equipment and substations as well.

If you see someone enter an electrical substation that should not be there, call the authorities and Vera Water and Power. The only people that should enter a substation are utility workers.

Also never climb power poles or trees near power lines, and stay far away from downed power lines. They do not have to be arcing or sparking to be energized.

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